Cynthia's playgroup was GREAT!!!

My 9 year old daughter loved it and always looked forward to it.

She has a lot of anxiety and trouble with social well as other special needs that make it hard for her to feel safe and successful.

The activities were planned and timed perfectly so that she kept moving but had enough time to get into the art project, which was her favorite part.

The way Cynthia incorporates fun physical activities with sensory art projects was perfect.

Like a combination of a sensory gym with arts and crafts.

Cynthia is extremely sensitive and created an environment that promotes healing and fun.


Amazing!!! (She's) ... like the mad scientist for kids!!! 

- Parent

Our experience...was that is allowed both parent and child a safe space to be themselves. My son was immediately accepted for who he was and not viewed as the one who was challenging or different....

The playgroup was way more than just arts & crafts, it was a few hours of fun socializing, creating, moving their bodies and working together while being themselves.

As a parent, I could participate or just hang back and talk to other parents about special needs issues; there was a sense of community.

Cynthia is keen to create an overall positive experience for the children, she keeps them moving and engaged, and always going with their flow!

She is passionate in her desire to connect parents together in a supportive way, and to connect kids with other kids to make the friends they all want and need.



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